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Doing Jointery on Your Table Saw
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Figure 3-52. The familiar eggcrate pattern is easy to make.

A notching cut is a dado that is cut across the thickness of the stock. When the cut is used to join pieces that cross each other and which must have even surfaces, the blade projection must be exactly one-half the stock's width. A typical application is the eggcrate-type construction shown in Figure 3-52. One way to work is to clamp together all the pieces you need and saw them as if they were a single block (Figure 3-53).

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Figure 3-53. Clamp together as many pieces as you need so they can be cut like a solid block. Dado width equals the stock's thickness; blade projection equals one-half the stock's width.

Mark the spacing between notches on the fron piece; set the dado width to equal the thickness of the stock and the blade projection to equal one-half the stock's width.



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