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Doing Jointery on Your Table Saw
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Additional Joinery

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Figure 3-46. All of these joints can be accomplished on the table saw using a saw blade or a dado accessory: (A) butt, (B) rabbet, (C) dado, (D) groove, (E) end lap (splice), (F) middle lap, (G) lapped miter, (H) combination dado and rabbet, (I) end lap, (J) notched, (K) true tenon, (L) stud tenon, (M) slot (For stud tenon), (N) beveled miter, and (O) simple miter, *All or part of these joints can be made using the Tenon Master Jig.

All of the joints shown in Figure 3-46 can be accomplished by working with either a saw blade or a dado accessory. Some of the joints can be made using the Tenon Master Jig. It's a good idea to become familiar with these joints since they are used in many types of furniture and cabinetmaking and in drawer and case construcitons.










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